School Summaries Index

Index for all summaries I’ve made since the blog was started

Mean, Median, Mode • The mix-up and the clarification

Grade 9 UAS (2010-2011):

Grade 10 (2011-2012):
Blok semester 1:

Semester 2 (Daily Tests):

Semester 2 (Block Tests):

Grade 11 (2012-2013):

Grade 12 (2013-2014):

Daily Tests:

Block Exams:

*Updated regularly


3 thoughts on “School Summaries Index

  1. oh man. this is gonna be really useful for the upcoming Computer task, making a blog. the information that we need to provide is all about school lessons, etc. well, just take the information from here. hahahaha.

  2. thx for this. because today i face exam so it can be useful

  3. Amatri says:


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