Here’s to the People Who Grew Up with Pity

Here’s to the people who grew up with pity.

In particular, to the people who those who had to come face-to-face with sad looks from their classmates’ mothers,
who felt like these children took a wrong step along the way and went astray,
who felt like these children deserved more education from their parents,
who felt like these children could have been better people,
who felt sorry for these children,
but silently say to themselves, “thank goodness these aren’t my children.”

(“It’s too bad her father died. Now she has ‘daddy issues’ and can never cope with life.”) Continue reading

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A Nomad’s Desires

I want to see the world.
I want to see snow fall and sakura flowers bloom. I want to hop on a plane and feel the exhilaration of landing somewhere I have never set foot before. I want to breathe in the fresh air of different countrysides and get lost in the crowds of shuffling people in New York, Tokyo, Barcelona. I want to taste different flavors and relate different scents to different places and make memories in weather conditions I have never imagined could be humanly possible. I could be overdressed or underdressed but my heart would be warm when I chuckle at myself for being so silly. Continue reading

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On Making Changes

I have been privileged enough to make changes in my life when I am not happy with certain things.

I work to earn my own pocket money when I was given very little (intentionally, by the way). I pioneer projects when there is a course of action I want to take but am not capable enough of doing on my own. I read books, watch videos, and ask questions when I want to learn something new. I cook my own food when I don’t feel like eating anything on the menu. I write my own stories when I can’t find what I want to read.

But I can’t change everything, no matter how hard I try. So maybe instead of taking a flight response from those outside my circle of control, I need to face the unchangeable.

Perseverance is a skill I must work on.

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