Here’s to the People Who Grew Up with Pity

Here’s to the people who grew up with pity.

In particular, to the people who those who had to come face-to-face with sad looks from their classmates’ mothers,
who felt like these children took a wrong step along the way and went astray,
who felt like these children deserved more education from their parents,
who felt like these children could have been better people,
who felt sorry for these children,
but silently say to themselves, “thank goodness these aren’t my children.”

(“It’s too bad her father died. Now she has ‘daddy issues’ and can never cope with life.”)

Here’s to the people who had to form their own sets of values,
when they were told theirs fall into the blackness of black versus white,
when they were conditioned to think that they are tainted,
when other people avoided interacting with them because their friends said, “watch out.”

(“I feel sorry for him. Had he not gone to the States for college, he would not have those obscene tattoos.”)

Here’s to the people who had to defy the odds,
who questioned the rules laid upon their lives,
who never took anything in without a layer of skepticism,
who listened to their hearts more than they did authorities,
who put themselves first.

(“I mean, just look at the way they dress! Tank tops, flip flops, and constantly hanging out with the ang mohs. They’re too Westernized.“)

Here’s to the people who took all those comments in,
and walked past the skeptic gazes,
and turned a deaf ear to the doubts shed upon them,
and did not retaliate,
and silently swore revenge,
by proving them all wrong,
by thriving!

Here’s to the people who taught me to understand that everyone has a story. Thank you for demonstrating the wonder of living in grey areas—nothing is merely black or white once you take a closer look.

Because at the end of the day, aren’t we all just human? Aren’t we all just people who need other people and people who should (of the goodness of our hearts) help other people? Aren’t we all supposed to understand each other, or at least learn from each other until we do?

Here’s to the people who grew up with pity.
Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to be different.
Thank you for proving that it’s okay to listen to the little voice in my head.
Thank you for proving that it’s not okay to merely succumb to societal expectations.
Thank you for leading me to the journey of self-acceptance.

Blueaholic is listening to: SHINee – Evil
(Evil, Evil 마치 크리미널 In my mind / Evil, Evil 마치 터미네이터 온 듯한 / Evil, 이 밤을 견딜 수 가 있을까 / Evil, Evil 너무 잔인한 이 꿈을 놔)

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