In the Name of Love

Over the course of my life, I have been blessed by actions of love. My parents have worked hard to send me to school, my friends shower me with laughter and nights out, and I’ve also been fortunate to have so many other people care about my wellbeing.

Over the years, I have also been victims of people claiming to do their actions under the name of love. I’ve had people doing bold actions claiming they did it for me when it, in fact, shoved me into a corner with no way out. I’ve had people force their ideals on what they think is best for me when it ended up hurting me back then and also in the years to come. They did it out of love and probably meant it—they are definitely not bad people, but it was a bad course of action which had bad impacts.

So when officials tell you their (what seems like) plans for their serving term is done out of love for their city, their country, their religion—don’t blindly believe them.

Good luck for the elections, Jakarta.

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