What Do You Say to Taking (Second) Chances?

When I first came to Hong Kong, I was terrified. How could I not, though? I was leaving the comforts of the safe zone I spent the last twelve years in—where I lived snugly in the bubble and have had my grounds set there. It was all sorts of troublesome because I had to constantly reintroduce myself to a new community who might or might not accept the likes of me. I realized that I had to do the exact same thing for my life in the UK. I had to take a step further, even, because I’m stepping into a society I have no existing ties with.

Reinventing myself in Hong Kong was a burden. Reinventing myself in the UK is a privilege.

It is only when I went through it the second time did I realize how valuable the chance of reinventing yourself can be: of being true to yourself, of indulging in your interests without the irritating thought of how every single action will impact your future, for being open about who you feel you are. It’s also interesting to see how some traits I would never have attributed to myself became adjectives people use to describe me, surprising me every time they introduce me to their friends.

Nine weeks into exchange, though, I realize that second chances don’t come for free. In eighteen days, I’ll have to hop on to an airplane and tuck this short-spanned Warwick Uni life into the back of my memories, with real friends and Facebook pictures as proof of the craziest and most impulsive three months of my life.

So, how about taking second chances, huh?

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