When People are Better Than Reindeers

open-uri20150608-27674-y9qnwu_58c7bc04Because occasionally the consensus is raindeers are better than people. Image courtesy of Disney.

A friend once asked me what I value most. These are the sort of questions I ask and get for ice-breakers with new people. I told her, I value relationships with people. I personally feel that almost anything is temporary and subject to change within a few years of technological advances, and so what I feel are precious aren’t those that necessarily last (e.g. a tangible item or a social system). Relationships and interaction with people are what evoke most of my emotions and has an intensity like no other, and they’re what make me feel most human-like, what with the confusion and the irrationality and the stupid and crazy things you do out of love and hate and pride and defeat. So when I had a few days in Hong Kong before I departed for a semester-long exchange, I did just that.

The friends I met have been wonderful. We laugh, we have sleepovers, we fill ourselves with frozen yoghurt and hotpots and endless amounts of sushi. The professor I had the privilege to have coffee with is encouraging, caring, and sincere in reminding me to enjoy my time during exchange, come back more mature, and write to her in the meantime. The staff in my university are supportive, dropping me reminders that my scholarship applications have been successful and doing the paperwork for so many different opportunities I get to be a part of this year.

Even one particular friend I had mixed feelings on meeting made me feel very happy in the end. Even though two people can fall apart, I realize that there is a reason the two became friends in the first place. If the two people haven’t changed all that much, that reason can still bring them back together.

Writing this from a flight that’s not even halfway there yet, I realize that the most wonderful people for making this all happen are my parents. They were the ones that essentially paved a smooth enough path for me to walk on without tripping (much). They are the ones who worry night and they when I disappear without notice. They are the ones who ensure I will have the best they can provide, but often they’ll strive for more.

Embarking on three new countries and seven (and counting) cities I’ve never visited before in my entire life within the span of six months? Wow. Surely a lot of people have helped me along the way, and I am so very grateful to them. Especially to my parents started this path for me first, who dared to dream for me, who urged me to turn those success stories into reality.

Life is amazing when you keep on grabbing and creating opportunities. It’s more amazing when you have great people along the way.

Blueaholic is listening to: f(x) – Jet (제트별)
(Let’s fly high 별나라 갈래 파란 제트기를 타자 파일럿)

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