Do We Have What it Takes to be the Neville Longbottoms of Our World?

We all want to be superheroes. And we want to be the Harry Potters of our fight. Not Neville Longbottoms.

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends, I award 10 points, to Mr. Neville Longbottom.” — Professor Dumbledore.

Be it for our children, for the people we love, for the cause we so truly care about… we all want to be an integral part in the fight and want to be front and center in the game, just like how Harry Potter did when he won the fight against Voldemort. Nobody enters a war wanting to be a mere casualty. Everyone wants to emerge victorious and have the win (largely) attributed to us. We preach to each other, “every little thing counts!” but also tell ourselves, “go big or go home.” We (want to) believe that baby steps can contribute to a bigger movement, but we also think that it’s better to give it all or you might as well not do it in the first place.

The main problem with that thought is we end up creating a ceiling for ourselves, in which we would not start to do anything at all in fear of our action being futile. So we settle for harmless actions. We send out #prayfor tweets and share articles on Facebook, but would not even bat an eye to the protest happening downtown.

Sadly, we do not have know-it-all Dumbledore to acknowledge every little contributive action we do and award us the critical 10 points that tips the victory in favor of the cause we are fighting for. We fear that somewhere throughout our fight, our stance is revoked and we lose our reputation, another ally fights harder and we are overshadowed, a stronger power reacts and we are endangered.

So we turn a blind eye.

And at the end of the day, the world will not change. The earth will still spin, 24 hours a day till the full rotation. People still don’t understand #BlackLivesMatter and misogyny still dominates in large parts of the world. Minority groups still start days in fear but the privileged can still afford to be apathetic towards the government and the laws because they are not at risk in any way.

So, do we have what it takes to be the Neville Longbottoms of our world? We won’t if we don’t get over the ceilings we set for ourselves.

“A war on terrorism, bigger war on ignorance.”
–Lilly Singh’s Voices (The part of this video that is relevant to this blog post starts at the 8:15 mark)

Blueaholic is listening to: Lilly Singh – Voices
We are the problems to our goddamn problems. Shut up, and just solve ’em.

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