Life as A Nomad: Life Unlike Most

My friends at university? They’re nomads. They hop around from place to place, move at least twice every year, take numerous cross-country flights in twelve months.

And so am I.

I took a flight from Hong Kong to my country of birth today. That meant saying goodbye to the four closest people whom I think of as family within the span of six hours. Our paths crossed earlier this semester in September only to only diverge three and a half months later. We will be in five different countries in 2016, and would not see each other for about a year.

It’s hard.

It’s hard to warm up and grow close to someone only to be seperated a short semester later. To know the true meaning of family and home as people and not places, as interactions and not building structures.

But what can we do? We’re nomads after all.

We are unlike most. Coming to university was already a journey for us. It is seen as a leap nof many would take. We travelled far from our respective countries to settle down for four years, but who knows where we’ll go next? University is a destination for all of us aiming to pursue our studies further, but is only a transit in our life-long journey.

A brief, meaningful transit.

And in those short four years, we would grow together and grow apart. We would also visit different countries, trying to pick up pieces of ourselves as we go along. We try to find those pieces not only in the places we go to, but within the people we meet. We learn to become very adaptive, to adjust to drastic changes within short periods of time.

That’s what nomads do.

We bring limited resources for ourselves and try to absorb everything else from our environment. We make the most of our surroundings, and we do what we can.

Our transits are short, sweet, and forever ongoing.

We are privileged with the comfort of meeting countless of other nomads along the way.

But who really knows when we will finally settle down? Or if we will at all?

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