On Professional versus Personal

I was raised by people to keep my professional and personal lives separate. Some information would belong on LinkedIn, others on Facebook. Some information don’t belong online at all.

But how did our lives become so segregated in the first place? How did the first person to determine the line between professional and personal come to think about it in the first place? How did the term “work-life balance” come to show? Why is one part of that term “life”—the exact word we try to live for day-to-day—and the other “work”–a word that most deem to be on the other end of the spectrum? How did we separate one into two, and transform one into a complete opposite?

How did we evolve from living our lives to working to live?

How did we invent the notion that working is so unpleasant that we have to balance it out with life? Most jobs require 9-to-5 working hours, and multiplying those hours by five days a week. These working hours exclude commuting and overtime, which implies that we spend more time working as opposed to “living”.

And if the majority of the world works 9-to-5 to stay alive…

How did we stop living?

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