Something About the Night

As the sun sets, people walk back into their homes and settle in, getting their well-earned rest after a hard day’s worth of work. The street lamps flicker on as the sky darkens, and the quiet of the night seeps in. Shops close, cars drive home, building lights go off.

From one corner of the world comes a collective synchronization of footsteps. And laughter. And joy.

Some of us go out to play cards and have fun. Some of us walk to the seaside and share stories till sunrise. Some of us stay in our rooms and build machines that have never existed. Some of us hop into a car, shift the gears, and drive off into the darkness.

Nighttime is when we can step back from our systematic responsibilities for just a few moments and work on things that truly ignite something within us. It’s also when we are freer to do whatever we feel like doing within the comfort of our circle, away from the eyes that judge us continuously during the day.

The night is when we can embrace ourselves for who we truly are, and reveal parts of ourselves that don’t show in daylight.

Now, at nighttime, the world is ours.

Blueaholic is listening to: Hayley Kiyoko – This Side of Paradise EP

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