Let The Spirit Live On

Last week, my junior high school lost one of our best teachers. It was a sad day for all of her former students and acquaintances, and our messaging applications were flooded with black display pictures.

I still find it hard to believe that she won’t be there anymore when my friends and I come to school to visit. I was still sending her a text a couple of weeks back to wish her well, and now she’s just… gone.

I always have this dazed phase whenever I hear of news like this, and I have never really found a way to cope with the fact that someone who you know will always be somewhere is nowhere to be found anymore.

As I look back on how Bu Anton existed in all of our lives, I feel that she has made her mark on a lot of different people through her various ways. There are certain values that she advocates strongly, and–if it’s not too late–I will adopt those values in my life as well.

Because that way, at least parts of her will live in all the people that once knew her. It’s a way of knowing that she’s still around… in some ways that are close to our hearts.

Rest in peace, Bu Anton. We miss you a lot.


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