Within Reach

The best thing about university is that all our dreams feel like they’re within reach.

Back in high school, every far-fetched goal seemed unattainable. Opportunities were not around for us to grasp, knowledge was not enough for us to gobble up, our unique skills were not acknowledged as they do not conform to the traditional values. Whatever dream you had–you might as well forget about it. Even if you wanted to achieve it, society would shrink down your confidence and shoot you down because it’s basically impossible for a kid from a small city/country to achieve anything big.

University, though? It’s a weird place. It’s a weird institution full of weird people doing their respective weird stuff. University provides so much flexibility–we can basically govern our lives to our liking. For example, it’s the only acceptable period other than during kindergarten to nap in the afternoons. We’re free to study (or not study) whatever we want, and we’re not in as much of a constraint as we were before (or will be after).

And with all the opportunities lying around, it’s even easier for us to go a few more steps further for us to meet the opportunity halfway, and get on a fast rocket that blasts us to our dreams. It’s very exciting to know that creating a start-up is possible, to see that flying overseas for a once-in-a-lifetime experience is attainable, to understand that being obsessed with a certain literary topic is completely acceptable.

My university doesn’t just give me possibilities and opportunities; they also give a sense of reassurance that what we dream of are within reach.

And I couldn’t ask for a better environment to grow in.

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