Thank You For Letting Me Screw Up

We all learn by doing. Nobody gets to be an expert at what they do without making their early blunders. Just as no one becomes an adult without going through puberty, no one succeeds without committing their pivotal mistakes.

I know I owe my current standing to the people who have actively done a lot for me, but I would really like to thank the people who accepted my clumsy mistakes, who have listened to my childish rambles, who were patient enough to deal with the improving sides of me. Thank you all who punished me for committing a wrongdoing but still love me, who let me make my own mistakes without yanking me out of harm’s way, who knowingly smiled as I rambled on about something that wouldn’t even bother me after a couple of months.

Thank you all for letting me screw up. I have became a smarter, more mature person since, and will continue to improve with better mistakes.

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