One Tuesday Morning

Earlier this Tuesday, I called in sick for work.

My hair, still fresh after the shower, was dripping wet onto my new work blouse. I was halfway through putting on my make-up when I stood up to grab my eye-shadow and realized (and decided) that I just wasn’t well enough to go in.

I grabbed the red yeast rice I ground the night before and brought it out with my Winnie the Pooh mug. For practical reasons (a euphemism for laziness, basically), I poured it in the mug along with some hot water, and microwaved it for two minutes. Chinese medication says that you have to boil the red yeast rice to raise one’s blood pressure. I figured microwaving the mix would be just fine.

I didn’t want to go back in my room just yet because I wasn’t in the mood to explain myself to my roommate–or to anyone, really. So I sat there, with the morning sunlight shining through the large windows and into the room, as I sipped down my cup of warm water.

It was a wonderful Tuesday morning.

Blueaholic is listening to: Girls’ Generation – Party & Check


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