Growing Together in Six-Month Intervals

Given the technology advancements of this century, the older generation have always claimed that we have our easier because technology connects the world like never before. We can now video call halfway across the world instead of waiting three weeks for a postcard to arrive, jumping on the next flight instead of having to wait for a ship to sail.

I really have no justification for the claims of that generation as I wouldn’t be able to do a first-hand comparison, but technology doesn’t really make it easier. I am now starting to pack up my things again to move back to Hong Kong after a month’s break, and the realization that I won’t see my family in half a year silences me. All these years of growing up together, and now I have to witness my family grow up in six-month intervals. I will only see my cousins when they are six, six and a half, seven, seven and a half. Sure, they rejoice at the fact that I bring home jelly beans (or in my mom’s case, Disney Tsum Tsums), but every time I see them, they will be six months taller, six months smarter, six months wiser.

And a lot can happen in six months.

In the past six months, I’ve had two amazing company visits, earned my first A+, became one of the first youth scholars for a TEDx event, learned to cook my own fried rice, got admitted to the program of my dreams, had someone fight for me and fought for someone else…

All that happened without first-hand observations from everyone I grew up with back home.

A meeting every six months (at best) is nowhere close to growing up together. I can only check up on my brother at the end of every semester! Five more holidays back home and he’ll be graduating high school.

Six months is a long period to miss out on, and no amount of jelly beans or Tsum Tsums can make up for that.

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