Post-TEDxWanChaiWomen Thoughts

I am one of the ten youth scholars who attended the TEDxWanChaiWomen: Momentum talk yesterday at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. That event was one of the 68 other TedxWomen events held on that same day, so it really felt like we were part of a global movement. This marked as my first ever TED (and TEDx) event, and I was blown away.

received_869699899765233With the other youth scholars!

I arrived at 1030, where I met up with the other nine youth scholars. I was surprised with the fact that at least five of them are still high-schoolers.
First thought: what was I doing in high school?
Second thought: I cannot believe I had that first thought. I’m old enough to actually have those sorts of thoughts now!

The event started at 11 with some really cool smoke effects as well as a powerful opening by the event’s curator, Vinny. The four MCs then stepped onto the stage to deliver their introductions for each speaker. We had a break after every four talks, and every speaker had 8 minutes under the spotlight. I really have no other way to put it other than that the event was very well organized. I was impressed by how the technical glitches were handled very professionally, how the MC kept all 450 people in the audience engaged throughout the seven hours (which included having us dancing to “Uptown Funk”), how there was one poetry performance for every single session, how there were musical performances as well (seer-wheel performance ftw!), and how every single speaker blew me away.

received_869699906431899with HK Explorer and Wildlife Conservationist Laurel Chor. I never knew HK had such amazing nature!

Never have I been so energized in a 7-hour event where all I did was mostly sit down and listen to talks. I was actually a bit worried that I would feel bored, but I didn’t feel that at all. All sixteen speakers had a powerful message to deliver, and I certainly received a spark of energy from every single one.

received_869699913098565with Kate March, who presented the wonders of exploring the greys of life by so many graceful and beautiful movements throughout her presentation. I have never seen a presentation that is more eloquent in terms of body language-spoken word cohesion.

I’m actually having trouble mentioning a few talks that stand out, because they all resonate something within me. I walked away from that event feeling very refreshed and happy, because I got to meet a lot of people with such inspiring stories.

received_869699929765230with Rama Kulkarni, who performed her wonderful poem with a passionate spark

The highlight of that day was having lunch with Ms Anson Chan and Ms Su-Mei Thompson. All ten youth scholars were invited to a room where we had an hour with these two amazing women. Just their presence was enough to silence all ten of us in awe. Despite all their achievements, they’re both really grounded and humble in answering our questions.

received_869210806480809Lunch with Ms Anson Chan and Ms Su-Mei Thompson (who unfortunately left early before we got to take a picture together)

TEDxWanChaiWomen: Momentum was ah-mazing. I would definitely come for next year’s talk, and hopefully would mingle around more with all the other TED-ers in the community.

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