On Impressing Interviewers

Throughout the past twelve months, I have probably gone through more interviews than I have in my entire life.

When I first started doing these interviews, I was very anxious about how to impress the people on the other side. A few of the many questions I had in mind included: “What do I wear?”,  “What do I say?” and “How do I say it?”. For a moment, I pondered about searching up tips and tricks on the web just to make sure I do it right.

But what is “right”, really? Do my interviewers want what is “right”? “Right” wouldn’t be “right” for everyone, anyway. Every institution has their own “right”, right? (No pun intended.)

I then came to the decision to just be honest about myself. Just be me, present myself in the most sincere way possible, and wait for the results. The only way I’ll be accepted is if my values (not just my capabilities) line up with the organization’s or institution’s or company’s. Otherwise, there might be a clash in what I uphold and what the company proritizes.

Interviews have been much easier to go through ever since. The goal is not to impress the interviewers with a faux me, but to present myself in the most honest way possible that hopefully appeals to the other party.

I hope I have the same mindset on presenting myself honestly throughout the rest of my life.

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