In pursuit of happiness

The Indonesian word merantau is synonymous to the action of a person leaving his/her hometown to travel overseas or elsewhere in search for a better life, or to experience more of life. This is an act that has been carried out by a large number of people all over the world, migrating to a neighbouring region in search for, say, the American dream. The trade-offs humans make for their “Great Perhaps” are sometimes unimaginable to the average citizen. People cross deadly storms and illegal borders in pursue of such dreams.

We have been doing that for centuries now, and now is the era where people travel alone to a foreign place to fulfill work duties or to study in an international institute in order to have “better lives”.

In the short six months I have spent living abroad, I learn that it’s easy to be cut out from the lives of the people that surround you. A missed phone call, an unsent e-mail, or an unread message can create communication barriers that can further isolate you from a community. The worst part is? People usually do not realize that they are losing their connections, one by one, until they have completely lost touch with most, if not all, of their close ones. Losing touch is easy, especially in a foreign country, surrounded by foreign people who speak a foreign language. Alienation, just like that. But humans were never meant to survive alone.

We are definitely living healthier, wealthier and more knowledgeable lives. But are we leading happier lives?

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(눈 앞이 캄캄해도 빛을 찾을 거야 / 나는 웃을 거야 계속 웃을 거야)

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2 thoughts on “In pursuit of happiness

  1. samurai88 says:

    yeapp… Social but ALONE.. I think it is common for people to be famous (knowing many friends, getting in touch with one another) yet they feel lonely because there’s no one they can really show their true colours to. Being away makes small things in life that we usually take for granted to be much precious than what it used to appear to be. After all, isn’t it just basic human nature to NOT appreciate good things till its gone?

    😀 Good article

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