On Defying Nature

I have recently witnessed how cruel nature would punish you if you defied her laws, even if you didn’t commit the crime.

Nature doesn’t care whether the act was intentional or accidental. Stray from the norm, and prepare to face the consequences.

It’s evil, really. But no humanist or feminist can defend you if nature prosecutes you as guilty. I myself disagree with a lot of the punishments given, but how can you go against the force that surrounds you, gives you the air you breathe, run through your veins?

Now I see why conservative views are necessary. Their norms have existed for millennia, while our views are young and do not exceed our age. The older generations might have tried to defy nature and failed, and so they choose to conform to the great force. All their views are just them trying to pass their hard-earned knowledge so we wouldn’t have to suffer the same fate.

And yet we do not agree.

L’histoire se répète.

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