Rites of Passage? What’s That? Can I Eat It?

What makes a lady no longer a girl, a man no longer a lad? When does a bit of nagging become unacceptable, a sprinkle of procrastination deemed unsuitable?

Today I walk through the big city in my mother’s dress. I remember distinctly that just months ago, people were taken aback when I wore in the same outfit, saying that I suddenly looked very mature. What does that mean, then? Are they implying that I should become more of an “adult”? That I should pay attention to how I look, what I say, whether or not I act in a polite manner all the time?

Because even in such an attire, I feel very unsure about a lot of things. I still feel awkward when faced with unfamiliar situations, and still feel out of place in a room full of professional people. I also still feel enticed by the simplest Disney songs and movies, by the familiar tunes that I’ve been listening to ever since I walked my first steps.

Given my age, I am qualified as an adult in a lot of countries. At the very least, I am considered a legal adult in both my home and current countries. But does having tokens like an ID and license make me an adult? I personally don’t think so.

So when will I experience that transitional moment that shifts me from teenhood to adulthood?

I bet it’ll be an interesting incident. Or maybe, just like any other transitional periods, I wouldn’t realize it until a couple of years later.

Blueaholic is listening to: Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me


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