enamor, v.

enamor |iˈnamər|

To read a string of words without acknowledging its true meaning would be disrespectful. Words are a wonderful combination of letters, forming together with others to make up sentences and wonderful pieces of literature.

When I found out that my new university has literature classes, I was completely ecstatic. Ever since I have come across the existence of literature, I have grown more and more fond of them by every encounter. From the wizarding magic to the beautiful wording, it has been a dream to understand these worldly masterpieces in a more studious scale.

Although it is a disappointment that my former education provides no in-depth study whatsoever regarding literature, I have always kindled my love for words through books and stories and literature. It annoys me that I cannot understand any classic literature, and so I have always been actively seeking for resources such as online teacher guides to literature classics. Even so, I know I am nowhere close to my peers who live on more fortunate sides on the world where art is as highly regarded as other numeric studies.

Nevertheless, I was very excited to find out that my university has literature classes. After I googled the course list, I almost cried of happiness just by reading the amazing course names. It definitely turned my night into a sleepless one because I was just thrilled with all the anticipation.

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