Coming Back Home

Last Sunday was a perfect lazy Sunday. I just woke up after a night of thinking and dreaming, and was just lazing around the couch to spend my morning. Suddenly, a few of my friends showed up at my door. Everything happened so fast after that. I suddenly had a 2NE1 festival concert ticket in my hands, and was on my way to “NOLZA!” my way through the night.

I met up with a couple of my friends at Ancol and lined up together with them. Everything was so surreal, and I was still in disbelief. I was going to see 2NE1 in front of my eyes! I was going to be breathing the same air as CL!


2NE1 has been a moodbooster for me throughout the studying days and the lonely nights. Their upbeat music and sass is what gives me (and lots of other Blackjacks) the confident spirit to have fun in life and enjoy the moment. CL, in particular, seems like the epitome of enjoying life. It was always such a moodbooster to see CL have the time of her life onscreen, and now I am going to see her rock the stage right in front of my eyes.

Just a week back, I had dreamed of 2NE1 performing and getting a super upclose view. The realization I had that morning was that I really miss music and dancing. It has always been a part of me and still is.

And so a night of jumping, screaming, cheering, running, and enjoying the night was a very fun and upbeat way to remind me that I had to come back home. Despite the short duration of 1.5 hours, it was jam-packed with back-to-back songs that kept us jumping on our feet and screaming out their names to call for their attention.

Thank goodness the girls can speak English fluently. It was nice to watch them without the need of an interpretor (although during the show, CL said “싼토끼처럼” and nobody understood what that meant. It’s too bad, because it was really funny :c).


Seeing CL stand in a 2-meter distance from you was WOW. There are no words to describe it. She is just one of the most amazing human beings on the planet, and you just can’t help but admire “the baddest female Seoul city’s ever seen”. It’s overwhelming enough to give you a “mental breakdown”.

That was really, by far, the best concert ever! Their live performances were AMAZING, their vocals were emotional, their dancing was energetic, and their enjoyment in what they were doing is what draw us all in. In the fans area, we were running around trying to get closer to them. And it wasn’t tiring at all. They just rock at fanservice. With a hint of swag, of course.

Being able to watch the concert was a huge blessing. I had a great night, and was back in touch with my music self. And on top of it all, the ticket was given by the closest people around me. My mother said that I was surrounded by angels, and I couldn’t agree more. My Twitter bio has “surrounded by angels” for a while now, and albeit it being proven true every day, Sunday was… wow.

That was one unforgettable night. Thank you 2NE1, and thank you angels ♡

NOLZA! Hey, hey, hey, NOLZA! Hey!

Blueaholic is listening to: 2NE1 – 2014 Live Concert “All Or Nothing” in Seoul album

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