Interlaced Moments

The moments that happen in our lives are caused by a series of preceding moments. The phrase “one moment led to another” literally has its meaning, since nobody would be running to catch the bus if something didn’t cause the person to be late, and nobody would buy a ticket to a concert if they weren’t exposed to the musician in the first place. Everything is caused by one other thing, creating a web of interlaced moments.

Sometimes, those preceding moments are out of our circle of control. It’s not like you can stop your friend’s boss from giving her work, nor can you request for the traffic light to turn green every time you’re approaching it. There are some we caused by ourselves; for instance, overreacting to spilt coffee on your new white blouse. It’s just that we often forget that there are things out of our regime.

When a moment that was resulted from those unfortunate moments happen, things will most likely go out of hand and far from our expectations. To quote from The Other Woman, “It’ll suck for a little while, and then it’ll suck less.” But until then, nobody is to put to blame for those unfortunate moments. Is the neglected friend to blame for not preventing her friend’s boss from giving extra work? No. Is it the busy friend’s fault to be so caught up in work that she didn’t realize her friend was having a breakdown? Of course not.

Some things happen just because they were intended to by some supreme force for a reason we find hard to perceive. As we get older, these things will happen more and more. Life’s not easy, and this is just the beginning of the game.

However, we can control how we respond to the situation afterwards. I like to call our reactions and further actions by the term post-moments. If we react positively, surely we can get the problem solved. Thing is, most people aren’t exactly clear-headed when it comes to facing a problem. I, too, am guilty of this, and I have let out steam in front of the wrong people many times before.

When it’s over, our post-moments will just be preceding moments for future possibilities. It goes on and on, until we have our own series of moments to represent our life. And because we live amongst others, our moments overlap and interact, making it a dazzling web of interlaced moments.

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