The Presence of Feelings

In a world where everything is moving so quickly, where every company’s goal is to gain more margin, where the government’s goal is to gain more supporters, where everyone’s aim is to be more productive and logical, it is natural to question the presence of feelings. Especially because our feelings are often contradictory with our rational thinking.

Why do I miss him/her? Why did I fall in love with him/her? Why am I yearning for that moment, to the point that it makes me desperate? Why do I long for something I cannot have?

To me, those conflicting feelings exist because it acts as a reminder for us that there is something bigger than us, and that it owns us. We are not our own to abuse and abandon, but we belong to something bigger, a larger web of interweaved emotions that allow us to connect with one another and to do something to contribute to these chain of relations. We have become too arrogant to acknowledge the presence of this something bigger from an outer perspective, and so it reminds us by seeping from within, taking control of our heart and our feelings.

Although we should never let feelings get the best of us, it is also important to keep in touch with these feelings. Without it, happiness is just a mirage you will never reach.

Once you acknowledge these feelings and understand it, you come to peace with it. You accept your feelings as they are, and you will be able to find a compromise between your logical reasoning and your feelings.

Feelings aren’t a bad thing, anyway. Feelings are what drive you to search for happiness, the true goal of every person’s life.

I have found the form of happiness I want to reach. It is to travel with my family, to repay them by showing them the world they gave up in order to raise me. I want to go and see the places my loved ones want to see, because my true happiness comes from seeing the people I love most being happy. I want to take on adventures with my friend, so we would fall, make mistakes, explore, and enjoy life.

Feelings are wonderful. It’s what makes us humans human.

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6 thoughts on “The Presence of Feelings

  1. edgrer says:

    read my post about happiness, too hahahaha 🙂

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