On the Fourth Day of the Tenth Month of the Seventeenth Year

of my life, I am fortunate enough to discover two guardian angels knocking on my door
When all I needed was their presence and nothing more
I pull the nearest one close into a tight embrace
And felt my heart relax its pace
A better sight today I have not seen
Gone was the ambivalence experienced by this teen
We settled in a room, no words conversed
Gone were the thoughts I had myself deeply immersed
A guardian angel at my side and another by the wall
I leaned back and took in all
All anger and frustration that had control over me—gone!
If it was possible, I’d ask if we could stay that way till dawn
For I want them to stay, each and every day
And they have, by my side they pray
Reluctance, I felt, when they had to go
The goodbye was quick—as quick as their hello
I thank God for the guardian angels He has sent
Help they offered, hands they lent
I am blessed with not just one, but two
Who are physically here to make my dreams come true
Commendable actions they do without second thoughts
Based on love, they showed it lots
Gifts and toys I am showered with
Their attention and care is definitely no myth
However, despite the amazing presents I receive
That’s not the best, I believe
The best is their presence, then and there
To make the impossible seemingly easy to bear
To make days brighter, an extra shoulder to lift the weight
To hug me tighter, their love innate
More time with them I always wish
My feelings always moved, with a swish
Anything more than their presence would be redundant
For the situation is comfortable, their love abundant
I wish I could cherish these moments forever
And one day, just one day, we’ll fall asleep together
Resting to prepare for the next endeavour
All with my guardian angels who need not necessarily possess the term “lover”
Because as long as we’re there for each other
We’d be together today, beyond, forever and ever

Blueaholic is listening to: G-Dragon (feat ? of YG New Girl Group) – 결국 (Without You)


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