Ringkasan EM Blok IV: Derivatives

Materials for the block test:

  • Derivatives (all)
  • Excluding motion in a straight line

f(x) f'(x)
c 0
Power cxn cnxn-1
Addition/Subtraction u(x) + v(x) u'(x) + v(x)
Product  u(x) v(x) u'(x) v(x) + u(x) v'(x)
Quotient u(x) / v(x) (u'(x) v(x) + u(x) v'(x)) / (v(x))2
 Exponential ax  aln a
af(x) f'(x) aln a
ex ex
ef(x)  f'(x) ef(x)
Logarithmic lnx 1 / x
logax 1 / (x ln a)
logaf(x)  f'(x) / (f(x) ln a)
Trigonometric sin (x) cos (x)
sin (f(x)) f'(x) sin (f(x))
cos (x) – sin (x)
cos (f(x)) – f'(x) sin (f(x))
tan (x) sec2(x)

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